Looking for the coolest pair of glasses?

Come to Twenty Twenty Vision.

We deal in a whole range of designs from traditional to contemporary. We understand that one size or look does not fit all.

We cover the following in our product range:

Protective eyewear Visual impairments are quite common in today’s generation. Our research indicates that 70% eye injuries are the result of falling debris. We recommend that customers who engage in at risk activities must wear safety guards for their eyes.

Fashion eyewear We deal with a massive range of fashion eyewear, ranging from slim-lined glasses to stylish rimless, sprightly angled frames or round glasses with a bold frame, in a broad range of colours and styles. Just name it, and we will have a product exactly matching your needs.

Children’s eyewear Given the special needs of children we have a special section for children. We stock ultra-light frames of various thicknesses in plastic and metal. We also stock photo-chromatic lenses and UV protection lenses that offer complete protection to your child from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. For any information on any kind of glasses, don’t hesitate to contact us.