About Us

Twenty Twenty Vision promises you a clear and beautiful view of the world around you

Headquartered in Jamaica, Twenty Twenty Vision is a leading retailer, dealer and the manufacturer of prescription and fashion eye wear products. Our products are attractively priced and come with standard manufacturers’ warrantees.

Board-certified opticians

  • We are run by a US-licensed and US-Board-certified optician.
  • We have been in the business for over three decades.
  • We are the known name in precision eye-care.

We have products to match all demographics, age groups and fashion dictates with our state-of-the-art technology and trained personnel. Our reputation is built on strong word-of-mouth and proven performance.

Our expertise

  • We operate a fully equipped state of the art computerized manufacturing laboratory.
  • We provide lens with the certification of durability from the manufacturer.
  • Our speciality is thinnest, lightest and safest possible lens in the industry made to world leading standards
  • We also manufacture and supply protective eye wear for sports and industrial purposes.

We promise

  • Excellent quality designer frames at various prices.
  • A complete range in styles to suit every physicality
  • Our styles range from ultra modern to ultra geeky; traditional to modern
  • We assist you with the selection of the best glass suitable for your face cut, budget and lifestyle needs
  • We deal in polycarbonate, trivex and high index plastic lens—a whole range to spoil our customers
  • Our polycarbonate lens are resistant to scratch and heavy impact – making for an ideal solution for our junior clientele

Budget and quality

We encourage you to do budget shopping for frames. We offer such a wide range that we want to serve both the top and the bottom-end of the price pyramid. Yet, if you have a query, we’d be happy to assist you – just drop us an email or call us now.